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Mitsubishi Signs Five-Year Contract Extension for TurboVision to Provide Engineering Services for Mitsubishi’s Industrial Gas Turbines

MIAMI, Florida, February 13, 2006.  Mitsubishi Power Systems, Inc. (“MPS”) of Orlando, Florida, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (“MHI”), signed a five-year contract extension with TurboVision, Inc. of Miami, Florida for TurboVision to continue to provide a broad range of services in product strategic planning, engineering design and development, and manufacturing process improvement for Mitsubishi’s new and current industrial gas turbine engines.   Mitsubishi and TurboVision have had a long term alliance since early 1994 which has improved considerably the competitiveness of Mitsubishi’s industrial engine products, including, its successful F-class and G-class engines, its advanced H-class engine, and other advanced industrial engines which may be introduced in the near future.

The Mitsubishi – TurboVision alliance has produced for Mitsubishi the highest efficiency compressors in the industry, durable turbines, dry low NOx and durable combustors, efficient and robust sealing and secondary flow systems, innovative strategic planning for future industrial engine products, novel engine cost reductions and cost reduction methods, rapid design systems with world-class fidelity including computational fluid dynamic based design systems, engineering personnel trained in advanced gas turbine design procedures, turbine part investment castings with substantially increased casting yields, thermal barrier coatings with improved life on combustor and turbine parts, and hot part repair processes with lower costs and higher quality.

In talking about the alliance, Mr. Noriaki Fuseya, President and CEO of MPS, said that “MPS and MHI greatly appreciate the efforts of the TurboVision team over the last 12 years to make Mitsubishi engines more competitive which have contributed to Mitsubishi’s increased worldwide market share, and we look forward to continued success with the new five-year agreement.”  Dr. Steven Koff, Founder and President of TurboVision, stated that “we really have enjoyed working with Mitsubishi and its talented and motivated team that focuses intently on making continual improvements in engineering design and manufacturing processes to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and we are very excited to continue our efforts with Mitsubishi and extend the successful Mitsubishi – TurboVision alliance to nearly 17 years.”

In 2000, Mitsubishi and TurboVision jointly founded and operated the Miami Office, a “Skunk Works” like operation to carry out advanced engineering design and development of new industrial gas turbines and upgrades to current engines.  This office has successfully carried out innovative new product development, product cost reduction, strategic product planning, technology development and design system development for product application, and engineering design and development implementation of Mitsubishi’s advanced industrial gas turbine engines and other turbomachinery equipment that have achieved a competitive advantage.  Additionally, Mitsubishi and TurboVision jointly developed and implemented a unique and efficient work environment at the Miami Office to maximize engineering productivity and innovation where an industry – diverse multinational multicultural office team work together to create innovative new engine products by applying creative engineering and adapting aircraft engine technology to industrial engines.  In 2006, this advanced design office will be relocated to the Orlando area to better integrate its operations with MPS’s Orlando Service Center and Headquarter operations.

About Mitsubishi Power Systems, Inc.

Mitsubishi Power Systems (MPS) is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (“MHI”), a diversified Fortune “Global 150” company that generates more than $25 billion in annual revenues and employs more than 40,000 worldwide.  It is a world leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of commercial and industrial power systems.

MPS, with corporate headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida, was established in April 2001 to service MHI’s business in the Western Hemisphere.  MPS is a major supplier of electric power generation equipment and systems, including gas and steam turbines, wind and geothermal generating installations, and plant emission control systems.

In March 2002, MPS established the Mitsubishi Power System Turbine Service and Component Manufacturing Center in Orlando.  The center provides comprehensive repair and engineering for Mitsubishi’s installed fleet of gas and steam turbines in the Western Hemisphere and Western Europe.  It also provides a wide range of customer support, component repair and field services, remote monitoring and diagnostics, outage planning and management, central gas turbine parts inventory, and customer operator training.

MPS has a sales, service, and engineering office in Newport Beach, California to support their U.S. Wind Turbine business, geothermal installation projects and Selective Catalyst Removal Systems.  For more information, please contact John Adams, Vice President – Sales and Marketing at (407) 688-6100.

About TurboVision, Inc.

TurboVision was founded in 1992 and has helped its customers achieve a competitive advantage by carrying out, directing and/or guiding innovative new product strategic planning, technology development, new product design and development, product cost reduction, design system development, and manufacturing process improvement for industrial and aircraft gas turbine engines.  Additionally, TurboVision has helped its customers build and upgrade their in-house design systems and manufacturing process capabilities, and train their engineering personnel in advanced gas turbine design and manufacturing using the apprenticeship training system where less experienced engineers learn from more experienced engineers.  TurboVision has a highly experienced world-class engineering team consisting of thirty members whose expertise covers the entire gas turbine system and key manufacturing processes.  Each TurboVision member typically has about 40 years of experience in a particular field and is a recognized leader who pioneered the design, development, marketing, manufacturing or repair of gas turbines.

For more information, please contact us at 305-412-8944.

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